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Client Services

North Coast Rentals fully customizes all of our services to what our clients needs and goals are for the property. We offer an extensive variety of services for our clients.


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week full service property management
  • Advertising on 18 different rental websites, North Coast Website, Craigslist, Coast Guard and Hospital Transfer Housing
  • Online Application, Qualification, and Criminal History screening of prospective tenants
  • 24-7 Owner online access to property account and reports
  • Preparation of tenant’s month-to-month rental or lease agreements
  • Collection of tenant’s deposits and rents
  • Full inspection of clients’ property, including photos
  • Providing bids for the owner for all work on property
  • Management of all repairs with no up charge fee
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Notifying the owner of changes in the rental market to keep rents appropriate
  • Working within budgets and contract limits with owners
  • Detailed check-in/checkout inspections, reports and photos
  • Detailed monthly and annual statements
  • Detailed account statements
  • Notice service, including eviction service and court service
  • Licensed and regulated by the Real Estate Agency
  • Member of the Rental Housing Association

The first step in managing any property is to understand what the owner’s goals are for their property. Once that is established, we can appropriately tend to all the needs of your property. To start, we cultivate a relationship with your current tenants. We send out written letters notifying them that North Coast Rentals is your managing agent and explaining what we do. This is including but not limited to; our contact information, how to pay rent, rules and regulations, new rental/lease agreements, and any other paperwork they will need. Having a strong relationship and good communication with tenants helps to ensure longevity.

We are constantly aware of the changing market conditions. Rental prices can fluctuate yearly or even monthly. That is why we provide you a range of what your rental property would rent for based on other properties similar to yours in the area. We assess your property’s condition and perform a full inspection of the interior, exterior and landscape. Recommendations of repairs, painting, yard maintenance, and /or general upkeep may be necessary to attract a quality tenant. We document any damages we find and help you to set up a plan for short and long term costs. This will also help maximize your curb appeal, maintain your property’s value and rental value. We want to protect your investment.

We have a full staff of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors that care for our properties. All maintenance requested are responded to within 24 hours, and emergencies are handled immediately. When a move-out occurs, we inspect the unit and fill out a detailed report. We make any repairs that need to be done and complete a full detailed clean of the unit, including carpets and windows. Any repairs that need to take place will be reported to you with photos. We treat your property like our own and want to insure that it is always well maintained and holding its market value!

We have a very complete and thorough tenant application process. Applications can now be submitted online. A full online credit check, a nationwide criminal background check, rental history, job history, and reference check follow. Tenants must meet North Coast Rentals guidelines in all of these areas to rent through us.

We collect and process all rent monies from tenants. Each year we review all lease agreements to assure you are receiving the best income from your investment. Tenants have the option (and are encouraged) to make their monthly rent payment online, or have it automatically deducted at no additional charge.

We require all tenants to pay ample security deposits to ensure their pledge of complying with the terms of the rental agreement. All security deposits are kept in your Client Trust Security Deposit Account. If a tenant moves out, they need to meet all conditions of the deposit refund sheet to get their deposit refunded back.

Pets are not a protected class unless they are a companion animal (this comes with a written form from the doctor). All tenants who have pets will pay a pet deposit. You can choose whether or not you would like pets on your property. If you choose to, we accept dogs of certain breeds for an additional deposit of $500 which is refundable. We do not accept pets that are considered dangerous per the CDC, such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rottweiler’s.

We drive by your property once a month to assure that things are in order. A walk-thru is conducted 30 days after a new tenant moves in to ensure that everything is up to code in in functioning order. Annual walk-thru’s are also conducted.

We don’t allow smoking inside any rental unit. Please see link below for the complete Oregon Smoking Law guide.

Our fee is based on a percentage of the gross monthly rent collected. Please contact us to discuss our fee structure, as every client and property have different needs.