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About North Coast Property Management

North Coast Property Management provides the full spectrum of property management solutions as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. We offer a wide range of rental properties to fit every budget, style, and size for your home or business needs.

As a proud woman-owned and minority-operated company, we deliver impeccable property management services for all kinds of clients, from owners to homeowners. Whether you need help in managing your real estate portfolio, renovating your kitchen, or remodeling your bathroom, we’d love to help. We have assisted thousands of clients over the years and have built a strong reputation as a leading property management and remodeling company in the North Coast, Oregon region.

We formed North Coast Property Management with the goal of making property management an easy and painless process. Since then, we have branched out to provide stellar kitchen and bath remodeling services as well.

Through unrivaled customer service and professionalism, we take immense pride in being a trusted partner you can rely on.

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  • 46+ Years Experience
  • 1300+ Happy Owners
  • 99% Average Occupancy
  • 7 Average Days To
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  • 240+ Five Star Reviews

North Coast Property Management Blog

Nurturing Nature: Sustainable Property Management on the Oregon Coast

Nurturing Nature: Sustainable Property Management on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast, with its rugged beauty and environmental diversity, calls for a unique approach to property management — one that prioritizes sustainability. Integrating green strategies not only preserves our stunning landscapes but also signals prospective tenants that we value their well-being and the environment. From using environmenta...
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Three Hidden Challenges of Oregon Coast Rentals

Three Hidden Challenges of Oregon Coast Rentals

The Oregon Coast, with its captivating landscapes and vibrant communities, has increasingly drawn attention from property investors. While its charm is evident, there are intricate details about this coastal region that can significantly influence rental success. Here’s a closer examination of three critical but often-overlooked factors:More ...
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